Branding & Identity

Branding isn’t the look of your company, it is what your company says to the world and how the world will interpret you.

Yellow Dot Design can help you find your brand identity at any stage of your business’s life cycle. From start up to seasoned trader, your company is constantly evolving. It has to be visually striking, consistent and be able to tell people who and what you are at a glance. As we find out more about your company we will build a dynamic and strong brand unique for your company.


What We Do

We start off with a brand audit to get an understanding of where you are in the process. This will highlight weaknesses, strengths and give us a guideline for the future. Taking the audit we will work together to build not only a brand but a visual language for your company. The visual language will mean that all elements of the design communicate with each other to function cohesively. This language will be the backbone of everything you do going forward, and will act as a guideline.

Branding is not just visual though, it is the way you speak to the world and how you understand that you work with the people around you. Key to your branding is the way you express yourself using words. The visual language and the written language have to communicate. We will develop the type of phrasing you should use that will reflect your reflect your brands ethos correctly.


Taking these assets, then we will make a strategy  that you can implement by using the brand guidelines we created. These guidelines will mean that both existing and new employees can understand how they need to act in email, online and with any company related business.

Well, you will have a brand that is developed and fully fleshed out both in theory and in terms of materials and design. A better understanding of what your target audience is and what your brand means to them. A logo, stationery design, social media design and a brand guideline book that will tell anyone who will use these assets how to implement them correctly.

No matter what the task is, Yellow Dot Design know what your brand needs.