PPC Advertising

Need to quickly increase traffic to your website? PPC advertising is the way to go. Using Google Ads, you can target certain keywords or search terms and be at the top of the results page for those search terms. This will give you quick, instant results and put visitors to your site.

Google Ads are those links you get at the top of a results page that look a little bit different from the rest of the results. They mean that you will be one of the first results for certain terms that people search, thus one of the most likely sites to get traffic

PPC Advertising

The rules are ever changing and the challenges are always evolving. It’s tough to keep up to date with all of these new stipulations and follow guidelines correctly. We will use our up to date knowledge to always get the best results for you.

What will we do for you?

First we have to figure out who we will target for you and what keywords to are related to this search. We look at how relevant your current website content is to the keywords you are trying to target. If it’s a little bit off it can cost you money both in increased costs and missed site visitors. The best option might be to create a unique landing page, tailored for the audience you are attracting and the ad we create.

Then we will write compelling copy to achieve the highest possible click through rate on your ad. This ad will link to your keywords of both your targeting and website meaning that everything is succinct and related. To keep your ad relevant and costs low we use negative keywords. These negative keywords stop your ad showing for phrases that aren’t relevant to your product/service.

Once your ad is live we will continue to tweak and improve upon it to get the best possible results for you, both in terms of cost and also the return you get for your clicks.