Social Media, Trust Building & You

The ultimate thing your company can have with a customer is trust. Trust means that not only does the customer think you will deliver on what you say you’ll do, they know you will. In a time of ever eroding trust between customers and companies, where every company, big and small has a social media presence and we are all sold to 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Our 9 Tips For You To Grow Your Social Media

How do you manage to stem the tide and rise above? Stand out. Make yourself different from other businesses and be human. The following nine tips are ways you and your company can stand out from the crowd and win customers over.

  • Understand what makes you different. Why should someone follow and engage with your brand? You offer them something that’s clearly you. This isn’t easy to do, you have to be able to be much more naked on social media. This may not come naturally to most but you will reap the rewards if you do it. You have to exploit the thing that makes you stand out and offer people ground to connect with you, which leads to point two…
  • Write as you, not your company. You are a human, not a corporate entity. You have feelings, thoughts and personality. People can’t connect with something as abstract as a business if it offers nothing in return on a personal level. Think about how you want your brand to be perceived and develop a voice based around that. This voice should be natural to you and consistent. A good way to this is to read what you write aloud to yourself, if it sounds unnatural to you then scrap it and start again.
  • Speak your mind. Share your opinions and thoughts on important matters. Do the same with other people’s ideas, let your page be a place for thought. Sharing the same opinions as people is a good way to build trust and respect with people. However, don’t just share other people’s ideas constantly, let your own opinion be the main voice of these posts.
  • Engage people who engage with you. Reply to comments, questions, reviews (both good and bad) quickly and politely. These don’t have to be serious life changing interactions, an emoji will suffice but let people know you care for what they think.
  • Allow people in to see how you work. Post pictures of staff, of the background operations and the less “glamorous” side of the business. These haven’t got to be big, heart pouring out of your chest on to the page posts. A photo of your office, work area, etc will do. Something that is behind the veneer the public side.
  • Give people a reason to support you in your work. Try and be more green, encourage your customers to be more green. Donate to charity consistently and get others to do so. This shouldn’t be done with an ulterior motive but because you want to. Show that you are committed to improving the world and get your customers in on it too, making it a team effort and a task bigger than your business. Don’t brag about what you do but tell people about it in the hope that they join you on the journey.
  • The best way to sell is to not sell at all. How can people trust you if every time they hear from you, you’re trying to sell to them? Doing this doesn’t give people a reason to buy from you but a reason to avoid you and ruins any chance of building a relationship with people. Telling people what you sell will alienate them and make them feel like you’re conning them. Before you can sell anything people have to trust you and your brand. Trying to force a conversion won’t work but build a relationship with people and they will wonder why they hadn’t bought from you before.
  • Encourage people to post about you on their own social media. Not only does this spread out your audience but it shows that people like and trust your brand enough to put it on their own social media.
  • Show people how trusted you are by encouraging people to review you. Do this by putting it on your receipt, at the bottom of your emails etc. If people are going to be willing enough to take the time to review you in a good way it shows to others that clearly you are doing something right.


Follow our guide to help you gain trust on social media. Trust is a hard thing to get but is a must if you want people to keep engaging with you online. The hardest thing about trust is to initially get it.

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