Why Your Business Social Media Doesn’t Work

Social media for business is a funny thing; you can invest time, money, posting great content and go absolutely nowhere. Agonising over images, captions, every aspect for your posts for it to only end up costing you time and money. Leaving you wondering “where did it go wrong?”

You see that you did everything as you should have however social media just isn’t leading to any conversions. It’s all well and good having a beautifully curated social media. This needs to translate to sales.

The reasons for this are simple. The content you post just doesn’t make people care. You have to create content that will keep current customers/followers engaged but also be able to attract new ones to follow and purchase from you.

Think about it, what do you do in business that doesn’t have a plan? You have the vague objective of getting more followers, likes or sales but no real idea of how you do it. You have a social media account because you feel you should. Posting whenever you think of it or if a post comes easy to you, or you have made a resolution to give it a try again or even because its sale time or nearing Christmas.

How do you get around this mentality and make social media work for you? Plan.


Give yourself a structure. This will release the stress you encounter as you have to try and think of something to post and create as part of your work day.

Your planning should be in-depth and goal orientated. Each day you should know what you are going to post, why are you posting it and who you want it to engage. The aim of this is to make sure you can plan your posting and use social media effectively for your business.

A posting calendar is an ideal way to do this, or if you’re very prepared a social media management tool that will allow you to schedule posts. You have to learn how to build a brand, create trust and engage people.

Using your planning tools you should structure each post to target certain aspects of your goal or audience. No more sporadic or pointless posting just for the sake of it. Your posts are now powerful assets that will start you on the road to increased income.

Using these tools you know that your posts will be effective in achieving your goals in the long term. It will make your job of creating posts much easier and less likely to be literally stuck for words.