Social Media for Coffee Shops

Posting to social media is a job that people neglect. They make a page, use it for a bit or a bit sporadically and then just forget about it. It’s another thing to do in an already hectic day that isn’t as important in the moment as getting the next job done, order out or invoice sent. Learn how to improve your coffee shops social media with us.

However, it’s vital to your business. You can connect with your customers, both current and potential. Projecting a lifestyle to them, showing them what you do and expressing a feeling that you want to evoke.

What’s the solution for this?

To deal with the inconsistency you can create a posting calendar. This calendar should be done out based on a week, fortnight, monthly schedule with details of what you will post each day. These details will be what kind of content, what kind of caption and what time you will post it at. Ultimately with a long term goal in mind.

This will mean you have a clear idea of what you have to post each day and can prepare in advance. If you’re willing to put some money in to ease this task even more you can use a social media management tool. 

Letting you upload a whole week, month etc of content and forget about it. It will upload whatever you want and the whole task of social media can become a once in a while task instead of a daily one.


Your content

What should these posts contain? A strong photo is key to standing out. This can be of your food, drinks, the premises, staff, people in the premises, suppliers, etc. The key thing is to have well taken photos.

Have nice, natural light from a big window. If you can’t get that then get “white” light instead of fluorescent which will give the photo an unappealing shade of blue. Understanding what makes these photos work is key. Food photography is all about lighting, textures and angles.

Lighting I’ve mentioned above. Textures come from the food and the materials you put them on. A “rustic” dish won’t work on a sleek, steel counter but will on a linen cloth.  It’s all about understanding the relationship between these things that will make a nice photo. 

Your page should be treated as a portfolio almost. Showing the best of what you have to offer and being a strong branded visual. Your stories should then contain more of your day to day things and be more fun and relaxed. Follow these tips and you coffee shops social media will hit another level.