How You Can Scale Your Facebook Ads

How do you manage your Facebook ads to go to ever increasing highs and returns? What does it mean to scale your ads? We will tell you how you can make use of ad scaling.

There are two ways to scale your ads, horizontally and vertically. We’re going to discuss how to do it horizontally first.

Horizontal Scaling Your Facebook Ads

Scaling your ads horizontally means adding new audiences, ad sets and ads as you grow your budget. You diversify your ads using various methods.This can be done in a number of ways.

Bigger Area Geographically

Scaling a successful campaign to a bigger area geographically means reaching new audiences. Simple. You have probably started advertising to a small audience around your business’s location. Gradually you can take what worked in this area and spread it out to a new audience.

grow your audience

This of course has restrictions. You can’t start selling in new areas if you can’t service them. However, if you can manage spot markets with similar credentials as the one you’re already in then of course you can go ahead and market to them.

Once your Facebook ads have gotten enough engagement for you to fully understand what’s working and what isn’t you can start to look elsewhere. If a product is selling well in Ireland why not try the UK? We speak the same language and have the same interests in general. Make a few tweaks to your campaign so they’re completely relevant and go from there. When going somewhere new, start off with a small budget and grow so you can fully know if there is any desire for your product.

Lookalikes with Facebook Ads

A lookalike audience is an audience created by Facebook using information taken from your Facebook Pixel. Taking this information Facebook makes an audience of people who are similar to those that have interacted with your chosen event. This event could be people who watched 50% of a video you posted, or made a purchase in the last 30 days.

You can choose how similar you want your audience to match that of the source. A 1% choice is those who are most similar.

Starting off your best choice is to go for 1% and then if you see success with this build to 2%, then to 3% etc. If this method proves successful then keep scaling the size until you reach an optimum level. 

Lookalike scaling is a very effective way to grow your audience and get your brand in front of fresh eyes.


Breaking your audiences up depending on where they are in their customer journey/funnel is a good way to scale your brand. There’s no point telling someone who is willing to buy from you who you are for the fourth time.

how to seg

Run an initial Facebook ad for awareness, then taking whoever engaged with that, break them up into brackets. Then serve these people a different ad and get them further along their journey. 

There are a number of ways to break audiences up. You can target people based on how long they spent watching your video, or those that visited your website etc and serve each of these a different ad. If you’re an ecommerce site, you can retarget people who abandoned their carts in the previous 7, 14, 30 days etc.

Vertical Scaling Your Facebook Ads

This is the most obvious way to grow your ads, give them more money. A little like adding more fuel to the fire. If you’re only starting off, you can very slowly up your bid. This will allow you to see how the algorithm works and means you won’t shock the system by suddenly doubling your ad spend.

Increase Budget of your Facebook Ads

When scaling vertically an easy way to understand what effect your actions are having is your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS.) We will say that before you start to scale you are spending €100 a week on ads with a return of €500. This would give you a ROAS of 5. Let’s say you up your ad spend to €200 a week and get a return of €500 still. This would give an ROAS of 2.5. 

Increasing your budget doesn’t mean that your profits will grow as scaling is not linear. It is up to you to understand what is the best way to do this, by scaling slowly and finding the optimum spend.


Scaling is effective for every business no matter the size. If done properly it can consistently and reliably up your profits and grow your business. Is it easy to do? Not necessarily, it requires a bit of work and understanding of your audience and Facebook ads.

To scale well you need to start well. High quality, effective campaigns are key. If ads don’t work on a small level they especially won’t work when you double the audience or budget. Whatever avenue you choose to scale, having effective campaigns is the most important aspect. 

If you can understand your audience and your analytics then you are on to a winning formula to scale your ads.