Why Web Content Updates Are A Must

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When businesses get a website made, they seem to see it as something that is set in stone. They can leave it there for years to come and not have to worry about it. This of course, is not true. One thing is you will your website background be out of date, but so will your web content.

Your website should never be, and will never be completely finished. You should always be adding to it, both to keep your content up to date, but also to improve your rankings in the SERPs. This is time consuming though, so what’s the best way to create fresh web content? Read on to see how.

Find New Web Content With Keyword Research

If you are looking for relevant, quality content to add to your website, then keyword research is a perfect place to start. Keyword research will not only give you ideas for relevant web content, but it will show you what are the best words for you to rank for. Keyword Planner from Google is a perfect place for you to start. Creating content with SEO in mind will help your site a lot.

What Web Content Do Your Rivals Have?

Look at the leaders in your industry and see what kind of content they have on their site to rank well. This will give you an idea of what works best. However, do not ever copy someone else’s content. This duplicate content will only damage your efforts and cause a mark against your website. Look at the general topic they write and what they cover and use it as a base for your efforts.

Easy Web Content With A Blog

A way to encourage yourself to add website content consistently is a blog. Blog content can be varied and as long or as short as you want. Do reviews, guides, opinion pieces etc and enjoy what your write. Be clever and use your keyword research to work for you.

This is good for your website and good for your reputation once your content is of high quality.

Update Images Frequently

One immediate way to show your website is out of date is to have old images on it. Photos with ex-staff or equipment is sure to show your sites age immediately. This is an easy way to keep your website up to date and new looking.

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Five Things You Have to Know About Your Domain


What is a website without a domain? It is just some code living somewhere on a computer. People do not put a tonne of thought into their domain, just buy it whenever they start a business and forget. This is understandable given the cost of a domain versus designing a website. It is very important however that you buy the domain that best represents your business, read on to see how to do just that.

Understand What Domain Extension Works For You

What is an extension? An extension is simply the part that comes after your websites name. It comes in common forms like .com, .ie, .co.uk and hundreds of others. If you don’t know what will work best for your business, .com is a safe bet. An Irish based company means .ie is also a very solid option.

There are another few reasons why you would go with a .ie or any other location specific extension. A location specific domain helps build trust with customers. It helps with SEO too, boosting your rankings in the online world.

What Is The Best Domain For You?

Of course there are a number of factors at play here. The most important one is to have a name that is easy to remember and write. This means avoiding something too long or with symbols in the name. This, and having a name that is relevant to your business is a must. A website that talks about selling handbags would probably be misleading if it sold scooters.

Adding in a character like a dash or a number will throw the title off completely, meaning missed traffic and customers.

How The Correct Domain Can Power Your SEO

A simple thing to do is to use a domain with a keyword you plan to target in the domain. It may not work in all regions/niche but can be worthwhile. Anything to help you in the SERPs is worthwhile. A location specific domain can help you a lot with simple location based searches.

What is The Ideal Length?

The shorter the better is you aim here. Keep it below 20 letters, ideally it’ll be your businesses name only.

Keep Your Name

Once you get your ideal name you have to make sure you keep it. Someone may try and buy your domain if it expires. They may try and sell it back to you or if the site has some quality links, they will redirect it to their website. This can be easily avoided by keeping your domain on auto renew.

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