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Looking for an SEO in Ireland now you have set up your website, got it polished and it’s wonderful looking. Now, how do you get people to see it? You can pay for clicks and advertise using Google and Facebook etc. These work well to initially give your business but they’re not long term solutions. This is where our SEO company in Ireland steps in.

SEO is the process of getting the pages on your website to rank high on results pages for certain search terms and thus driving traffic to your site. That’s a broad description but you get the point. It’s organic or naturally occuring traffic that will put people on to your product or service. Other than paying for the service to be completed these site visits are free, no matter how many clicks you get the cost doesn’t go up. It’s crucial in today’s highly competitive world. If you’re not on the first page, which receives up to 90% of results, then you are losing out on heaps of potential customers.

How Does SEO in Ireland Work?

Search engines use algorithms to determine where your site should rank. These are based around multiple factors like the keywords that your site contains, time spent on the site, other pages your site is linked to etc. These algorithms are forever changing and your tactics will need to be constantly refined and changed in order to be effectively used. Google utilises different SEO algorithms for different industries and also different countries. For example, SEO in Ireland is going to be very different to SEO algorithms in the USA or even the UK.

SEO is a delicate balance. Gone are the days of loading a page with keywords and poor content and letting it off into the wilds of the search engine results page.  Now you have to create useful content for the viewer all while keeping it relevant for your goals. Our SEO company in Ireland can help you with this.

First we see what you want to achieve. Then we take a look at your site and see how it is performing by itself. If there are any glaring mistakes or bad practices. We will then see how your competitors compare and what the market looks like in general. It’s crucial that we understand the market we are entering into to get the best results. How useful is SEO for what you do and are there better options for you?

After this and everything going well we will get to work for you. SEO results are not instantaneous, they take time to show but the sooner you start the sooner you will see these results. SEO can make or break your business, a good job and you will see your revenue be driven up massively. Someone using old, outdated tactics will severely damage our business. Google, Bing etc do not appreciate these tactics and will punish you if you try to cheat them. That’s why we are the choice for you, trust us to effectively rank your page.

Top 5 Benefits Of SEO in Ireland  For Small Businesses

SEO assists small business owners in creating fast, user-friendly, and robust websites that have a higher ranking in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). In turn, it assists in bringing more qualified potential customers to their sites, which increases the conversion rates.  SEO in Ireland isn’t significantly competitive – hence our business can help you. What’s more, SEO helps in building awareness for your particular business since a lot of search engine users tend to trust and view a site that is on the top rankings of the SERPs compared to brands that are not.

For those who are small business owners, make sure to utilise SEO to create a strong web presence that can help you in bypassing your competitions such that you acquire new customers for your particular business and even advance it. In this article, you’ll learn the top 5 benefits of SEO when it comes to small businesses.

1. Better Websites Aid Search Engine Optimisation in Ireland

As aforementioned, SEO will assist small business owners in creating a smoother, faster, and user-friendlier website. A lot of people out there are still holding on to SEO’s old definition. They tend to think that it only concerns the optimisation of search engines. Today, however, SEO also includes the improvement of user experience.

Uncluttered, well-structured, and clean websites make a casual visitor stay considerably longer. As a result, it reduces the bounce rate and increases page views.Blog articles and sales pages, which have highly relevant content, tend to make many readers happy since they have a good chance of answering their queries or resolving their pressing issues. Generally, it helps them in finding exactly what they are searching for on your specific site. If done correctly, on-page SEO makes both users and search engines since they also like to provide high-quality content to their users.

2. Our Irish SEO Company can Help you Attract More Customers

As you might already know, one of the major reasons for creating a website is to be distinctive from your competition, as well as to increase your customer base. Otherwise, there won’t be any need to spend a lot of money investing in marketing. Generally, businesses that have invested in an optimised website tend to attract more customers and often grow twice as fast compared to businesses that don’t have one.

As of now, SEO is one of the most affordable and efficient marketing strategies. Besides, it will only attract those people who are actively seeking to get your service or product. With a few hours of your energy, time, and a small amount of cash, our SEO company will assist in bringing “targeted” traffic to your specific website. Eventually, you’ll receive more customers to your business compared to any other marketing techniques you will ever consider.

3. Better Conversion Rates with Yellow Dot Design – Ireland’s SEOs

In general, SEO-optimised websites are relatively easy to surf and read, load faster, and will have a great display in nearly all kinds of devices, such as tablets and mobile. Websites that are relatively easy to navigate and read have a higher chance of grabbing and holding the attention of your visitors or readers. That means that they have a higher probability of becoming your loyal customers, returning visitors, and subscribers.

4. Building Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is one of the advantages of getting higher SERPs ranking. Once your website appears on the very first page of major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, there is a high likelihood that your potential customers trust and want to view your brand when they look for a specific term compared to other brands that lack a strong web presence.

For this reason, small businesses that are looking to create better brand awareness should invest in SEO and begin getting top rankings with the specific keyword terms associated with their business. As aforementioned, search engines now have a huge impact on breaking or making your brand.

5. Bypassing Your Competition

If two businesses were selling the same products at the same price, but one of them actually has an optimised website, definitely the one with an optimised website will attract more customers, will probably become more successful and will grow faster.

So, if you’re considering a pro SEO company in Ireland, then contact us and let’s start you on your journey to ranking.