Social Media Marketing-Let us Make Your Social Media Work

Power up your social media today

Social Media is the ideal way to speak to your audience with posts and offers to increase your audience base and engagement rate. Why not target people you could only hope would see your brand using the various social media channels marketing tools? Be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, they all have their own method of letting you advertise to people and thus improve your audience.

With new rules, challenges and stipulations coming monthly to each of these social media it can be hard to keep up to date with what to write, who to target and just simply what is allowed. That is where we come in. We will manage your account through all of these hoops and achieve whatever target you set, be it increasing followers, getting more sales or generating leads.

How do we do this?

First off we will look at where you are with your social media. Do you have a developed voice and identity? Do you have good engagement? Is your social media generating revenue for you? After identifying your strengths and weaknesses we will see how best to proceed with your social media and it’s branding. Understanding what needs to be worked on and what is good.

After this we will and broaden your audience base out to your new prospects, making them more familiar with your brand and getting them to engage with you. We do this by taking the current people who engage with your brand targeting “lookalike” audiences. These are people who fall into the same categories in terms of interest and information they’ve provided to Facebook. Taking these audiences we will continue to target lookalike audiences and keep the cycle moving. Going from prospecting to engaging to achieving your goal.

We can also advertise to people who previously bought from you, visited your site or interacted with your brand. How do we do this? We take Facebook’s Pixel and install it to your website which will allow is to track any and all visits. The pixel then matches people’s email address to their Facebook or Instagram profile, allowing you to retarget them with your offers. We can target people based on what services/products they interacted with, if they visited a certain page or if they only continued as far as a certain point with their checking out process.

Social media marketing can turn website visitors into customers, prospects into leads and investments into returns. It is a powerful tool in increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic and producing sales.

8 Reasons Your Business Needs To Log Onto Social Media

If your business isn’t taking advantage of social media, then it’s missing out on huge opportunities. Here are 8 reasons you need to up your game!

1. Boosting Brand Awareness

Social can help introduce your company to those who are not familiar with it. A few clicks and your messages will be shown to countless people. It can also help you find people who are already interested in your business and use this information as leverage to attract more attention.

2. Learn More About Your Target Audience

You can gain insight into what interests your target audience. Once you get to know who you are speaking to, it will make it easier to appeal to them when you are creating content. The more you cater to those who you are targeting, the more likely it is you will see an increase in conversions.

3. Better Customer Service

In some cases, customers will post negative feedback about a business online without trying to reach out to them first. Many people head to social media to connect with brands and they expect communication to occur. The Social Habit has reported that more than 40% of all people who try communicating with brands via social media expect to receive a response within 60 minutes.

4. Feedback

Social media allows companies to get instant feedback from there customers. You will know right away whether the product or service you are offering is as successful as you had hoped for. This will give you the opportunity to make changes and resolve issues quicker.

5. New Opportunities

There are countless opportunities that will pass you by if you do not have a social media presence. For instance, negative feedback can get addressed and a resolution reached in no time. In addition, having others see you take steps to fix an issue can give you an edge over your competition. Personally, I have worked with several clients who have been included in digital publications, which increases their authority and reach, all based on connections they have made via social media.

6. Analyzing Your Competitors

Social media sites are a great way to gain insight into what the competition is doing. Once you get a good idea of what they are doing to please their fans, you can use this information to make improvements and find ways to stand out from them and other businesses in the industry.

7. Sales

A well done social media profile is a good way to boost sales. If people are truly interested in the information you are offering, this can lead to more sales and conversions than ever before. It is also a good way to allow others to familiarize themselves with your brand, which is the key to increasing your business pull.

8. Leads

Social media is a no-cost inbound marketing tool that can help you increase the number of solid leads you have. It can also help you build an email list that is not filled with uninterested people. Posting solid, relevant content to targeted customers is a good way to get the attention you want and hopefully increase your business’ reputation and profits.