The Reasons To Set Up A Company Website

Why should you have a company website? There are many reasons, but here are some top ones:

1: Professional, Company Websites Meet Client Expectations

Nowadays, customers expect to find information about companies online. If fact, it is common for potential customers to do research on the service before making contact or a purchase (even if it is something small from the local store). If your business does not have a professional website, you will send the message that your business is old-fashioned or not interested in capturing the attention of new customers. Neither of these is messages a business wants to send potential clients.

Contrary to popular belief, company websites do not need to be complex with a lot of information. In fact, the simpler the website the better the chance of gaining customers. All you need is a few pages with basic information tailored to the person’s needs. The website should be easy to find and update on a regular basis. Out of date information is a pet peeve among researchers, particularly when looking at local business websites.

company website

2: Control The Company Information And Branding

While user reviews and comments are useful, it is best for you to have the final say about what content is placed on the website. Having a professional website can immediately create a sense of authority in your industry, so you don’t need to depend on past reviews to share information. Moreover, you can design the company website to appear exactly how you want it using an official logo, specific fonts, and specific colors.

3: Websites Are Less Costly Than Traditional Advertising Methods

Believe it or not, traditional advertising can be far more expensive than using a website. Most small businesses depend on paper ads and listings to spread their name. No one will tell them to remove a listing from, for instance, the Yellow Pages; however, buying advertising space in the Yellow Pages is a costly use of funding. Not only are the costs greater, but traditional advertising is shrinking at a rapid rate. Websites, on the other hand, have a wider reach than paper ads with small website costs.

4: Websites Are Easy To Update

If you set up a website years ago, the experience may have been a bad one. In the past, it took web developers weeks to build a company website, and even when it was available you could not make any changes without the developer. Updating information, such as store hours, could take months making the information very outdated. What about changing fonts, colors or uploading images? An almost impossible feat.

Nowadays, the situation is very different from the past. Using platforms, such as Jimdo, all you need to do is log into the website and choose the part you wish to alter. Editing text, adding images or changing parts of the site design is simple. In fact, it is so easy that the updates can be completed using iOS and Android apps.

5: You Can Attract Potential And Existing Clients

Not only are users able to view the professional website, but they can interact with you using it. Contact forms, email, guest books, and messaging apps make it possible to speak with users from all parts of the world. You can receive feedback about new services or products, ship orders from the other side of the world, and answer any questions a customer may have. Websites can be found using Google Maps or search engines.

6: Professional Websites Level The Playing Field

While business projects and budgets vary, there is no difference between a freelancer working from home and Fortune 500 company websites. Professional websites are what level this playing field because you can present the business in any way you wish. If your business can meet a customer’s needs, why do they need to know if you are a freelancer working on your own?

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