Why WordPress Is The Choice For You

There are now more CMS’s than ever before. With the likes of easy to use options like Wix and SquareSpace that offer all in one content management, then why are so many websites still built on WordPress? Should you change to WordPress? Is it hard to use? In this piece we will hopefully answer any queries you may have.

First off, any website can be built using WordPress. Many people have a preconception that it is just for blogs. Initially, this was true. However, now it is way, way more than that. This variety is why so many people have turned to using it to build their websites, with it now powering about a third of all websites on the internet. Used by small businesses all the way up to Disney, see our reasons why we choose to use WordPress.

WordPress Is Free

Yes, unlike many other CMS’s, WordPress is entirely free to use. All you need to use it is own a domain and have a hosting site to put your website on. A domain is the address of your website, like how this website is yellowdotdesign.ie. A host is where you put all the content that makes your website and let it access the internet. 

To get access to WordPress all you have to do is download it, upload it to your website and follow the instructions. Simple. 

WordPress Is Easy To Customise

Lots of CMS’s get business based on how easy to use they are, and people fear WordPress because of this. However, it is no different. You don’t have to be a web designer to use it. There are literally thousands and thousands of free to use templates that you can simply adapt to your own content. If you want a blogging site then there are thousands of themes for that. If you want a website for your business then there are thousands of themes for that. Shockingly, if you want a website for your portfolio there are thousands of themes for that. There are themes for absolutely everything you could need or want.

You can simply change the demo content that is in the theme when you download it, or you can use a page builder such as Elementor or Block Editor. Even, within these you can build your website using their templates or build something solely yours.

Then on top of this there are plugins for everything. Plugins work like apps that you download to add a functionality to your website. There are options for everything.

WordPress Is Great For SEO

The way WordPress is coded is great for search engines. The language used to create the CMS is loved by Google and other search engines, this is why WordPress sites perform so well in the rankings.

You can add to this by creating content that is SEO friendly and using some of the many SEO focused plugins that are on WordPress. With Google putting more emphasis on responsiveness, WordPress is easy to use with different screen sizes.

Management Is Easy

If you need to update your website, plugins, themes or any element of your site, it will tell you. Your admin dashboard will contain all of the information you need to help yourself keep on top of your site. On top of this, it is easy to backup your website. Download a backup plugin and configure it to regularly update the backup. This will keep your website safe and sound from any possible loss of information.

WordPress Is Easy To Keep Safe And Secure

WordPress is a very safe CMS and a secure place to run your website from. It is a very good launching place to build your website on. Adding to this, you can add one of the many, many security plugins to protect yourself. Block brute force attacks and malware using the likes of WordFence or Sucuri.

It Can Handle A Lot Of Media Types

No, WordPress isn’t just built for text. You can add images, audio and videos using its media uploader.

It is built with support for oEmbed, which means all you have to do to add media is paste in a URL from a source like YouTube or Instagram and it’s embedded into the page.


Still not sure if WordPress is the CMS for you? Why not try, it’s free to do so. If you want a WordPress website, then get in contact with us, your web design Meath company.