Why You Need A Responsive Website

The rise in mobile phone use in the past decade has had a massive effect on how we interact with the world. With half of web use now coming from mobiles, having a responsive website is now more important than ever. Below, we will list all of our reasons why we think you need to have a responsive website right now.

A Responsive Website Isn’t Just A Mobile Friendly Site.

Yes, of course a responsive website is built to be used on mobile. However, it is made to be used on every device size we have. No website design can be built in a one size fits all approach, everything will have to be made and tailored to suit each size. If you put a mobile site on a desktop it wouldn’t work and vice-versa. It is critical that you build your website to suit every resolution. It should at least cover mobile, tablet and desktop sizes and look comfortable on each. This means your website and thus your company look the very best they can to any visitors. Giving them the best experience you can before they have even engaged with you personally.
responsive website



Increased Traffic


Long gone is the time of creating two websites. One would be made for desktop and one for mobile.  Some still do this but it is a practice gone out with the high bike. Responsive web design is the way to go. It allows you to keep a uniform feel across all device sizes while saving on time. Two websites means twice the amount of time updating a site. Now having it all in one place is the best option for you, allowing you to keep customers. Drive more people to your e-commerce site, brochure site or whatever site.


Lower Cost and Less Time


Having two websites means having two sites to keep updated. This is a massive drain on time that is easily avoided when using a responsive website. If you can just upload and change all the content you want to in one place then the time savings are huge. This lets you do other things for your business and keep going with your world.

Another benefit is lower costs. Having to only run one website means that maintenance costs are lower. The initial investment may be higher but eventually you make this back due to accumulation of the maintenance costs.


Responsive Websites Are Better For SEO

Google recommends having a responsive website to help bolster your SEO efforts. Google wants websites designed to be used by people, not built to manipulate the Google algorithm. Having a responsive website is one of the big factors that helps with increasing this usability factor. On top of this using only one website for all traffic will also help your SEO efforts.

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