Why You Need An E-commerce Website

Whether you are a massive multinational corporation or a small, independent retailer, you are missing out without an e-commerce website. In a time when more and more of our life is moving online, it is more crucial than ever to have your store online. See all the reasons we think you should have an e-commerce store.


Ecommerce Website vs Physical Store

If you want to dip your toes into the world of owning a shop, surely online is the way to go for a low-risk, high reward approach. Small businesses and startups have made a massive name for themselves online using only online stores. Think of the cost of rent, electricity, insurance etc that you have to pay before you have even made a sale. Imagine investing that into a quality website, advertising, branding etc.  The costs entailed with running an online store are a fraction of that of a physical one.


You Don’t Close

The internet never stops. You can run your store 24/7 with only you at the helm of it dealing with orders and any customers who may contact you. A quiet day? Fine, it didn’t cost you anything. You can literally make sales in your sleep, or deal with customers in your pyjamas. An e-commerce website is ideal for shoppers.


Your E-commerce website can go anywhere

Because your store lives online, it is only restricted to where people have web access. A traditional store may attract an audience from, at a maximum, 30 miles away. Using an e-commerce store you can go wherever you want and whenever you want. Your small business in a rural part of a country can service a global audience. Ideally you would use a mix of social media marketing and SEO to help achieve your goals.


Customer convenience with an e-commerce website

Every business website needs customers to succeed. These customers have to be comfortable with you and your brand. What could make them more comfortable than browsing your inventory while they are in the comfort of their own homes? They don’t have time to get out and go to an actual shop? Easy, they can just order from you and have it delivered. Having an e-commerce website stops any barrier you may encounter to make sales.

e-commerce website

Knowledge is power

Having an e-commerce website means you can start to gather a profile on what kind of people shop in your store. You can gain an understanding of your audience and understand better what exactly they want from your brand. On top of this you can use this information to then go and prospect for new customers to further grow and grow your business.


See now, buy later

An e-commerce website lets customers see what you have on offer and break down that initial barrier. Some people are shy, but if they can go into your business with an idea of what they already want and need then they won’t be as timid to actually come to your store. Let them know what you have.

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